11 November 2009

6.6 - No title, and for good reason.

This post has no title. I usually start with a good title and work from there--but not today. In her efforts to get me blogging again, my wife has been offering up potential titles all morning, and none of them are even slightly good. At the very least none of them sound anything like anything I would ever say--or write, for that matter--so the lame mess above is what you get.

The generic topic is, of course, "away." I could--and might--make note of how appropriate a topic it is, since it's been a year and a day since my last post. But to dedicate the whole post to blathering on about it would really defeat the point of having a blog, which--aside from the inevitable ranting--is (IMNSHO) to give your readers a bit of something to think about. Carrying on about how I've been "away" is just lame (not unlike me at the moment) and not worth thinking about, so we'll end that right here.

Since the focus of this topic is on things that occur "not at home," I have little to write about, as I have not left my home since returning from knee surgery this past Friday afternoon--thus the lame reference above (the lame lame reference, as it were). It seems as if there may be many interesting things going on in the world, but I am perfectly happy to hear vague references to them from my perch on the couch.

My time on the couch has provided ample time for reflection, which is tremendously appropriate as we approach the greatest holiday of the year: Thanksgiving. I'd like to think that I am adequately appreciative for most things in my life, but I am also quite confident that--for example--the effort my wife has undergone to ensure my comfort and happiness despite my situation will never be adequately recognized. It doesn't mean that I'm not appreciative, just that there's only so much you can do.

I am increasingly thankful for much that usually goes unnoticed and unappreciated--at least by me. Everything from driving to cooking, standing to showering, and sitting to sleeping has garnered fresh appreciation from me. I won't spoil your search for your own unnoticed and unappreciated things to be thankful for, just be aware that much of what we have to be thankful for definitely falls into the realm of the mundane. Boy, could I use a little mundane...


5thsister said...

1st off...I am truly sorry about your knee and pray that the healing process goes well for you.

Secondly...welcome back to the blogosphere. This post was a very nice reflection of the true meaning of giving thanks. If it were not for the small things we take for granted, how could the "big" things ever take place?

Thirdly...I like the look of your blog...similar (well, pretty much the exact template) to mine!

Kathleen said...

Sometimes it takes getting knocked down on the couch to realize what we've taken for granted, doesn't it? (And I'm preaching to myself.) Thanks for the reminder to take a fresh look at the many blessings that stare me blankly in the face on a daily basis.

Anonymous said...
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